Use a 5 No Deposit Bonus To Win With No Risk 5 No Deposit Bonus Spins

Online casinos are everywhere and available to you with one quick internet search. Also many places have a welcome $5 no deposit bonus code. At first, this could seem like one big scheme to draw you in and take all your money, but it could be the opposite too. By the end of this page, you'll be able to find your favorite casino easily with a trial period presented as a bonus code.

What Does "$5 No Deposit" Mean?

As with any introductory course, let's start off with a definition. What exactly does a casino mean when they say they offer $5 no deposit? What do you do with a promo code? What even is a bonus code? Don't worry, let's go over all of that really quickly.


  • $5 No Deposit - An offer from a casino where no deposit is required to play a wager of $5
  • Bonus Code - A specific code necessary to redeem an offer, much like a coupon SKU number at a retail store

So, a casino may entice you with an offer of $5 no deposit to wager on a certain game before you deposit any money to play. Basically they'll bet your first $5 without you forking any of actual money over. This gives you the chance to interact with the casino and play some of their games before you commit to providing any further bank information or depositing your own cash. You also have the chance at winning real money over time if you use it wisely!

For the bonus code, you'll more than likely enter a specific number and letter sequence at a screen that looks like you're checking out on an online store or food delivery service. From there, any promotions you wanted to take advantage of will be active and you can start playing.

Bonus Code

Why You Want a $5 No Deposit Required Offer

As a first impression a bonus offer will either make you skeptical or draw you in and make you want to start playing immediately. There should be a balance of the two so you can identify legitimate offers, which I'll help you out with. But there are some reasons as to why you'd even want such an offer to begin with.

First, an offer where no deposit is needed gives you an opportunity to test drive an online casino with no signature required. Maybe the website isn't as easy to navigate as you thought or you don't like their slot options, that's okay. Remember, you didn't deposit any of your money. You used a code for the bonus offer. So the side effects are minimal, just move on to the next one and you'll find one that's right for you eventually.

A $5 no deposit offer could earn you real money winnings! That small wager the casino bet for you might turn in to hundreds of dollars in real money wins later on down the road.

Lastly, at minimum a free bonus code offer could at least earn you enough money to keep playing at a casino. Let's say you really like the interface and games, so you want to keep earning. Just keep the money in your account and continue to play by going back to the tables or slots, over and over.

Games You Can Play

Now this is something to pay attention to for each offer you see. Some casinos might only offer a $5 no deposit bonus code that is applicable to certain games. Jump to their "FAQ" or "Promotion" page(s) to find out more information. If they offer a live chat customer support, you can ask which games you can play with their offer.

How to Redeem Your Earnings

Did your bonus code offer turn out to earn you some winnings? Fantastic. And if you haven't gotten to play yet, we hope this happens to you! But note that you should use your earnings wisely in order to turn it into actual real money you can cash out into a bank account. The casino will require you to fulfill certain requirements before you can withdrawal and it usually entails making a deposit. But that first no deposit offer gave you enough of a boost to allow you to really start playing now!

How Do I Get the $5 No Deposit Offer

In order to actually have the offer reflected in your account you'll need to follow some instructions that will vary from casino to casino. Generally, a bonus code is given to you that you can enter once you register your account. From there, your $5 wager should be visible somewhere on your account or interface.

Other Incentives

Extra incentives may be attached to the no deposit offer. Some casinos may bundle their welcome offer with 10 free spins or a 100% match with a maximum cap. If you get the right offer your earnings could be much higher than you ever thought possible.

Get $5 Free

Other Hidden Offers and Bonus Codes

Lurking in welcome bonuses is the $5 no deposit bonus code you're looking for, though they might not say it explicitly. Often in welcome bonuses are offers where none of your own money is required to play. Like we talked about earlier, head over to the casino website and find their "bonus" or "promotions" page for more details on welcome offers.

$5 No Deposit Red Flags

There are some red flags you should be aware of when you're looking for casinos to play where no deposit is required. If a casino's website URL doesn't have an SSL encryption, you should move on. This means your data is not protected and could be found by hackers. An easy way to make sure a casino has one is to find the lock icon near the URL in your web browser. The lock should be in a locked position!

Another red flag would be the casino asking for your bank information right off the bat. A reputable casino should let you play instantly after registering your account, or even before then. Contact the casino's customer support for any clarifications. And if they don't have customer support, run.

Now you have a tool belt around your waist full of tools that you'll use when searching around for an online casino to play. You'll use different tools at different times to try out casinos all over the internet, hopefully landing on one that fits the bill, like Royal Vegas Casino might.. Except for this time on the search, you'll be protected with a shield of knowledge to minimize the risk of having anyone in a different country using your name as an alias after just redeeming your $5 no deposit offer.