The Best Progressive Jackpots

All top online gambling establishments offer slots because they are quite popular across the globe. To spice things up for you, operators provide various titles tied to progressive jackpots, which give you the chance to win life-changing kind of money. It's true that slots are games of chance; however, there are strategies that you could use to increase your chances of hitting a winning combination effectively.

To get a hold of the best progressive jackpots, you'll need to do your due diligence since the internet is flooded with illegitimate game websites. It worth to mention that apart from the lottery, these particular casino games, are the most rewarding that you'll come across.

What are Progressive Jackpots?

Best Progressive Jackpots

Put simply, these are top payout amounts on various online slot games. Normally, these accumulate as more players continue to wager on a slot title. The jackpot could be offered on a single game or different slots across casinos. As such, the top prizes could go as high as millions of dollars.

Note that for you to qualify for the top prize, you're required to wager the set maximum amount. If you happen to hit the winning combination without having wagered the required amount, you're not eligible for the prize. Therefore, you'd do well to read and understand the terms and conditions of your desired jackpots.

Also, it's advisable to register with licensed casinos - you'll find numerous cases where players aren't paid after winning all because they signed up with unlicensed operators.

The Types of Progressive Jackpots

Best Progressive Jackpots

Mainly, there are three types of progressive slot jackpots as explained below;

  • Local Progressive Jackpots: Sometime back, these were very popular - they were offered in almost all game sites. Typically, they are usually tied to a single or a group of slots in a casino. These accumulate at a rather slow rate but still offer attractive top prizes.
  • Wide Area Network: These are the most popular nowadays - A wide area network links different slots across multiple operators sharing a similar software supplier such as Microgaming or Realtime Gaming. Therefore, this has a wide audience reach and accumulates at a much faster rate. As you would imagine, it comes with a huge top prize.
  • Standalone Jackpot: Just as the name indicates, a slot machine offers a progressive jackpot title that's fed by bets made on that specific machine. Before the other types came, this was the only progressive jackpot available.

The Best Progressive Jackpots

Best Progressive Jackpots

Keep in mind that progressives may be provided by different software providers and may have restrictions, which is why you don't want to skip the fine print. Outlined below are some of the best progressive jackpots offered at top online betting houses with the highest prizes that have been won in the past.

  • €17,861,800 on Mega Fortune
  • $9.2 Million on Mega Moolah
  • £13.2 Million Mega Moolah
  • €11,736,375 Mega Fortune

If you're going to hit a winning combination, you ought to implement the right strategies since all slots aren't created equal. Here, you could take advantage of various no deposit promotions or demo play to determine the best approaches for different slot games.